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Hold your mouse over the picture to follow along with the story.
Welcome to the Digital WorldDigidestined are walking alongJunpei gets a helping hand
Digidestined meet TogemonThey also stumble upon TsunomonIt seems as though they are suprised
Sawa seems upset at JunpeiThey look out over the forestTogemon likes to listen to music
Junpei and Sawa arrive in Primary VillageSawa takes to YukimibotamonYukimibotamon spits up on Sawa
It appears Togemon has something to tell themJunpei apparently doesn't like itSawa elbows him
Junpei teaches the in-training DigimonNow he is playing with some farmilar onesAs they rest, Sawa has a flashback
Sawa spends her time on the computerOne of Sawa's friendsAnother girl holds up a Wormon keychain
Togemon is making dinnerTsunomon, Gummymon, Kapurimon, Kokomon, Yaamon, Gigimon, Yukimibotamon, & NyaromonJunpei and Sawa eat their dinner
Sawa summons the power of FairymonJunpei calls upon the power of ShutumonThe two of them run into battle
Sawa jumps into the airLooks like she's going for a swimSo she decides to go skinny dippin'?
In-Training act suprisedThey continue their shockSawa stands in the rain
Digidestined pull out their DigivicesBegin DigivolutionThey digivolve
Meanwhile, Togemon gets the little ones to safetyJust then Tsunomon is capturedWho is this new foe?
Togemon protects the othersTsunomon has digivolved to GabumonGabumon rejoins his friends
How cute Kapurimon isEveryone looks at GabumonAll of the Digimon from Primary Village wishes them a fond farewell
Junpei and Sawa set sail to find their friendsThe other Digidestined parachute inThey all join together to play

The End

Returning Cast:

Togemon (Palmon's champion level)
Tsunomon who digivolves to Gabumon
Gummymon (Terriermon's in-training level)
Kapurimon (Leomon's in-training level)
Kokomon (Lopmon's in-training level)
Yaamon (Impon's in-training level)
Gigimon (Guilmon's in-training level)
Yukimibotamon (Gatomon's fresh level)
Nyaromon (Gatomon's in-training level)